Some of Our Educators

Our team of hand-picked, highly trained professionals has a broad range of experience and thoroughly understands learning disabilities and giftedness. They have the skills, qualifications and experience to lucratively support and shape the further development of our students’ intellectual, mental and social skills.

Carina Voges

PG Cert EdPsych, MTchLn, Cert SLD, PG Dip Ed Psych (B EdPsych), Higher Dip Tch, BA (Hons)

Carina is a NZCER registered assessor, with extensive experience in literacy, maths, and neurological processes.


"I know that children with learning difficulties can be helped to succeed academically. I ensure that individual potential is valued and that all children with learning difficulties receive the correct intervention."  

Carine Bakker

B.Mus, Higher Dip Tch

Carine Bakker is focused on improving the mathemtical skills of year 6-10 students.


"It has always been my interest and love to work with children, especially as we unfold and conquer the intricacies and beauty of Maths together. This journey has, time and again, proven to be an exciting, delightful and most rewarding one.


 Anna Cribb

Anna Cribb is our helpful & supportive teacher teacher aide.


"I really enjoy working with children of all ages and I have had years of experience in doing this. I work on the neurological side of things including all areas of visual and auditory processing.  It is exciting to see children’s improvements after all their hard work.


Caro Vinnicombe

B.Soc.Sc  H.D.E. F.D.E.

Literacy from year 2 – 13; Maths from year 2 – 6.


"It has been the passion of a lifetime to make a difference to children with SLDs. Having had SLDs myself and a daughter with the same, I really want to help them achieve their potential and thereby open more doors for their future."

Jacqui McConnell

Dip Teaching & Further Dip in Special Needs


Jacqui McConnell tutors Primary and Intermediate aged students in both Literacy and Mathematics.


"It is a privilege to be able to assist students with SLDs to reach their potential and to witness them enjoying the journey".


Anneke Bakker


Anneke Bakker is our effective Office Administrator.


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