Seminar – 31 August 2015

Following the conclusion of the 2015 Learning Difference Convention in Sydney, Australia, Dr. Richard G. Collins visited Christchurch on 31 August 2015 to deliver an evening seminar on the needs of students with LD and ADHD. As an esteemed expert in the field of working with these students, he spoke on the topic of how best to serve these students and their parents.

 Dr. Collins completed his doctoral work at Boston College and Southern Illinois University, receiving his Ph.D from St. Louis University. He is currently the Executive Director of the Brehm Institute for Cognitive and Curricular Research and Director of Brehm Preparatory School, a boarding school for students with learning difficulties or differences. Students who graduate from Brehm Preparatory School go on to higher education and become successful professionals. Many start-up schools have benefited from the knowledgeable direction of Dr. Collins, as have the boards of several non-profit schools for special needs individuals. Dr. Collins is a highly regarded lecturer and sought-after conference speaker who has held adjunct faculty status at a number of colleges and universities including Havard, Boston College and Font Bonne University. As a dyslexic adult with ADD, Dr. Collins has first hand experience of the difficulties experienced by these individuals.

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