Customer testimonials

11-year-old boy: "I was in the lowest maths group in the lowest maths class" (a year ago), "now I am in the highest maths group in the second highest maths class."–A.R.

12-year-old girl: "After the test last week I was put up two groups in spelling, thanks Train the Brain!"–J.P.

Not only did my son's reading and spelling improve; you have done so much for his self-esteem.–J.B.

Finding Train the Brain has absolutely been one of the best discoveries for us and a great investment in our children. We have two daughters attending and their improvement in their ability as well as their behaviour and attitude is almost hard to believe. They both really look forward to their sessions, and their school teachers have commented on their improvement in class.–A.M.

Train the Brain has been the best thing we did when wanting to help our daughter with extra maths tuition.

The team at Train the Brain have been amazing and so professional. The environment is so warm and welcoming and Hannah loves attending her class and enjoys 'tuition time'. Having the one on one has made such a difference and not only in her confidence but we are seeing proven results in her school work and tests.

A special thanks to the dedicated, friendly and so knowledgeable staff who have made the difference in our daughter's learning as well as being able to access of all the different resources used at Train the Brain.–L.B.

In the 3 years my son has been going to Train the Brain he has learned to read independently, gained confidence and motivation in his arithmetic and developed strategies for spelling and writing. All thanks to an encouraging, thoughtful and individualised approach.–C.M.

Train the Brain provided us with a reason and solution to our child's educational difficulties. After two terms of regular tuition from the specialist teachers at Train the Brain, who could address the specific neurological issues our son had, he has caught up years of school work and progressing extremely well. The best part is the confidence he has in himself, now that he is able to complete the tasks asked of him at school.–J.T.

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