Train the Brain offers Remediation and Tuition in:


o    Phonological awareness

o    Phonics

o    Listening skills

o    Reading accuracy

o    Reading fluency

o    Spelling

o    Creative writing


o    Fluency and accuracy in basic facts

o    Understanding of mathematical concepts

Neurological Processes:

o    Visual processing

o    Auditory processing

o    Sequencing (Visual and auditory)

o    Directionality

o    Gross/fine motor skills

Social Skills:

    • Reading facial expressions
    • Reading body language
    • Social empathy

Depending on the individual’s needs a combination of the above interventions might be administered.

We also offer:

·         Intensive courses to kick-start/boost remediation and also to cater for students outside Christchurch

·         Specific topic tuition in small groups such as study skills, essay writing, exam preparation, stress management or any other relevant topics as may be requested

·         Extended tuition for gifted students

·         Touch typing to upgrade this very essential skill for students.

Train the Brain Intervention Guidelines

·         At Train the Brain we focus on individual tuition as we have made a conscious decision to offer remedial teaching and therapy one-on-one to provide high quality intervention that meets the individual needs of each student.

·         Train the Brain does not provide behavioural therapy. Should a child have behavioural difficulties, the services of excellent therapists could be recommended.

·         To build new pathways in the brain, repetition is needed. It is not viable to remediate learning difficulties effectively during one tuition session per week only. It is therefore expected that students should practice reinforcement work on what they are taught at Train the Brain regularly at home at least 10 minutes per day, preferably not less than 4 days a week

Financial support is available for these specialized interventions and  tuition. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


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