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Train the brain

At Train the Brain we aim to empower students with complex learning disabilities to recognize and optimize their potential and to overcome the combined effects of learning disabilities and the social and psychological implications of not being successful in an academic environment. 

Most public and private schools are unable to give students with learning disabilities the assistance they need to succeed due to limited available resources.  To support these special needs of children with learning disabilities Carina Voges opened the doors of Train the Brain in October 2009. She worked as a teacher, school psychologist, counsellor and principal overseas and has worked in schools and other learning centres in the North and South Islands.

 The team of well-trained teachers and professionals at Train the Brain are passionate about helping students to overcome their learning disabilities and develop into confident learners who love to learn. We have a high success rate in our students mastering areas of previous difficulty due  to the hard work and dedication of our team of highly regarded professionals and the co-operation of parents, caregivers, teachers and the students themselves. We are also closely associated with Brehm in Illionois, a well-known Preparatory School addressing the needs of students with complex specificl learning disabilities since 1982.  

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