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School and Academic Readiness

School Readiness and Academic Readiness can be seen as the state of early development that enables an individual child to engage in and benefit from early learning experiences.


As a result of family nurturing and interactions with others, a young child reaches certain levels of physical, social and emotional development, cognition and general knowledge, language development, physical well-being and motor development. School readiness acknowledges individual approaches toward learning as well as the unique experiences and backgrounds of each child.


At Train the Brain we offer a professional assessment to determine if the child demonstrates the foundational knowledge, skills and behaviours that would enable him/her to participate and succeed in school and so set the stage for future learning. It is one of the most important factors in the educational life of every young child as children who exhibit school readiness are more likely to succeed academically throughout their school careers.


It is recommended that children who do not show school readiness partake in appropriate instructional intervention in order to lay the required foundation for academic and social success during the school career.

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