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Gifted and / or Twice Exceptional

What Parents and Teachers Need to Know

Every student wants to be academically successful, but with a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) students cannot show their true potential and they are often highly frustrated. Children react and act differently to cope with this frustration. Some become withdrawn, some act as the class clown while others develop defiant behaviours.


PLEASE NEVER LABEL ANY STUDENT without a professional diagnosis. It is imperative that an assessment is sought as soon as possible. A correct diagnosis can be given, instead of the child being labeled as ‘dumb’, ‘defiant’ or ‘doesn’t care’.


If a child underachieves there will be a reason. Be willing to walk the extra mile and help this child find out why they struggle with learning.

Train the Brain Intervention Guidelines

·         At Train the Brain we focus on individual tuition as we have made a conscious decision to offer remedial teaching and therapy one-on-one to provide high quality intervention that meets the individual needs of each student.

·         Train the Brain does not provide behavioural therapy. Should a child have behavioural difficulties, the services of excellent therapists could be recommended.

·         To build new pathways in the brain, repetition is needed. It is not viable to remediate learning difficulties effectively during one tuition session per week only. It is therefore expected that students should practice reinforcement work on what they are taught at Train the Brain regularly at home at least 10 minutes per day, preferably not less than 4 days a week

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