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Types of Learning Disabilities

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) – a SLD resulting in difficulty with the processing and remembering of auditory receptive language-related tasks.

Dyscalculia – a SLD causing problems with arithmetic and maths concepts.


Dysgraphia – a writing disorder resulting in illegibility or poor expressive language.


Dyslexia – a language and reading disability.

Dyspraxia – or Sensory Integrative Disorder (also called ‘Clumsy Child Syndrome’) which causes problems with motor co-ordination and planning (executive functioning).

Visual Motor Deficit – a SLD resulting in difficulties using scissors, catching a ball and handwriting (fine motor skills).


Visual-Spatial Deficit – a SLD causing difficulty with planning page lay-out, reading analogue time, reading maps and graphs and other visual-spatial tasks.

Train the Brain offers educational assessments and remedial tuition for the above disorders.

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